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Rowena is available for interviews and to give quotes for articles and news stories.

Below are some of Rowena’s past media appearances.

Soul Life Times Magazine ~A Lifestyle for a New Way of 
Click here to read Rowen’s latest article – Three Most Common Time Management Mistakes Coaches Make

Expertpreneur Magazine

How to organize your computer part one – click here to download the article
Getting your image together – click here to download the article
How to organize your computer – click here to download the article

5 ways to make better use of your transit commute.

Are you wasting valuable time on the bus or train?

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Clearing Kids Clutter

Rowena was interviewed by blogtalkradio on the ‘how-to’s’ on getting kids organized.

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How to Increase Your Productivity

Review Rowena’s article in ExpertPreneur Magazine –  How To Increase Your Productivity. Below is an accompanying video for you to review as well (which you will see in the article).

Rowena in Action

Rowena List of Getting It Together was featured on GO Vancouver – shawTV
check it out! Click on the video image below.


Rowena offers some great tips and advice on Downsizing Your Home in this great article from

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Rowena is featured in the April 2013 edition of The Globe and Mail so be sure to get your copy for some more great organizing tips!

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Rowena is featured in the March 2013 edition of Canadian Living Magazine so be sure to get your copy in March!

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January 14, 2013 – How Clutter Affects Us Webinar – Listen here.


I was recently a guest on Blog Talk Radio – Listen here.


Suitcase Entrepreneur – August 2012

How would you feel if you turned on your computer and your inbox was empty? Most people would feel relief. The reason being is that most people feel so overwhelmed by the volume of emails in their inbox.

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Suze in the News Newsletter – July 2012

Have you thought there has got to be a better system for your stuff? Maybe it is time to invest in the services of a professional organizer. Where to begin? The best place to start organizing is the place that is bugging you the most. Do you have a spare room that has become the catch all? Do you have a home office that is overflowing with papers? Can you get in your crawl space?

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The Best Thing You Can Do to Sell Your Home

Real Estate Weekly & The Vancouver Courier – June 2012

Start the decluttering process at least a month in advance — longer if you have a large home or have been living there for a long time, recommends professional organizer and image consultant Rowena List, owner of Getting It Together. “Give yourself enough time. Most people underestimate how long it will take to declutter a home.”

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Rowena is featured in the May 2012 issue of Alive Magazine – Let Go of Clutter.

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Rowena’s Success Story – The MOMS Network

Find out how Rowena got to where she is now – click here.

Vancouver Self-Starter, Organizing Expert Explains How She Launched Successful Business

Small Business Digest Canada – February 2009

Business consultants have been telling potential entrepreneurs to start a business based upon a skill, interest or ability they’re passionate about.

Combining a market’s needs or wants with a individual’s passion can often lead to a successful enterprise.

For instance: technology has streamlined the work and communication processes, but people’s lives are more cluttered than ever. Rowena List’s small business declutters them.

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By Michelle McQuigge

The Canadian Press – January 2009

Every Saturday morning, Chloae Drummond devotes a few hours to an activity most of her peers strive to avoid — cleaning her room.

Sorting laundry and straightening papers may not seem like an ideal break from the high school courses, dance classes and extracurricular activities that fill her weekdays, but the 15-year-old believes this routine is crucial if she hopes to successfully maintain her hectic schedule.

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Kick the Chaos

Savvy Mom Online Magazine September 2007

As Seen On Even for us adults, September evokes that old ‘back to school’ feeling. It’s just that the pink plastic Barbie lunchbox of yesteryear is now replaced with an adult zeal for self-improvement.

This is the season our weight will get back in control. Our homes will be shinier. Our dinners will be healthier and our kids will be polite and neat. Right? So where do we get started?

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Take Control of Clutter

By Wanda Chow
Newsleader – January 2007

Personal organizers may be a different breed, but the decluttering advice they offer can resonate with just about everyone who has struggled with having too much stuff.

South Burnaby’s Rowena List, 44, has worked as a professional organizer, under the company name Getting It Together, for five years. But even as a child she was an ardent organizer. She remembers going to visit an equally organized girlfriend’s home and they, along with the friend’s mom, would organize the medicine cabinet together – for fun.

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How to Get S**t Together (At Work)

BC Business Magazine October 2006

The truth is most of us could use a little help in the organization department. How else to explain the growing popularity of TV shows like How Clean is Your House and Clean Sweep, and the increasing numbers of professional organizers in the yellow pages? Here’s what the pros have to say about how to get your work life in order.

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Helping You To Get Your Act Together

Minding Your Own Business
The Province Newspaper September 2006


What’s unique about your business?

Not only can we organize your home, office, wardrobe and kitchen but we can also provide you with the services of a total makeover and branding of yourself and your business.

What is your biggest success?

Being featured in The Vancouver Sun, Breakfast TV and The Vancouver View magazine.

What is your biggest challenge?

Getting people to part with things they no longer love, use or need. Giving our clients faith in themselves and in our work.

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Creative Closets Getting It Together the Right Way

The Vancouver View Q & A March 2006

Q. I consider myself a fairly organized person, but when it comes to my closet I cannot maintain the organization. I find myself standing in front of my closet for what seems like forever trying to figure out what I should wear. I have summer clothes, clothes that I think I might fit into some day and clothes that I might love, but cannot find at the moment.

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Holiday Stress

By Rebecca Osler
The Vancouver Sun – December 2005

Warning: The following sentence may cause shortness of breath, irrational spending sprees and potentially lethal rush baking. Please inhale deeply before continuing.

There are only 10 days to go until Christmas!

Now, if you are a model super-being a la Martha Stewart Living magazine, then you are without fail sinking into an overstuffed easy chair next to a crackling fire, cheeks flushed with homemade rum and eggnog (yes, we know you distilled the rum yourself), revelling in tranquility and congratulating yourself for getting everything wrapped up so heroically early.

But if you’re remotely human, chances are that instead of decking the halls, at this point you’re feeling more apt to deck that slowpoke ahead of you in the Wal-Mart checkout line, your mother-in-law or smug old St. Nick himself.

It’s sad, but true: holiday folly leaves many of us feeling less than jolly. But it needn’t be quite so hard on the nerves.

Here are some tips to ease holiday distress. Read More.

See Rowena in Action

View Rowena on Breakfast TV giving organizing tips:

Click here to listen to Rowena’s Inner Circle Expert interview. Grab a pen and paper to jot down all the great tips Rowena shared on this call!

To listen to Rowena being interviewed by BizOrganizing.Com on the Amazing 1 to 31 Organizing System, click here.

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We believe that when you lift one mom up, you lift an entire community up.  This program is part of The International Association of Working Mothers, a 501c3 charitable organization.

A dynamic and inspirational public speaker, workshop leader and image consultant, Rowena’s warmth, energy and professionalism creates an environment that inspires participants and makes them comfortable to ask questions, engage with the material, and use it to create immediate results in their life and work. Take a look at her motivational speaking and workshop offerings.

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